TODAY meteorologist Dylan Dreyer admits she was 'scared to death' about breastfeeding

“We go to the doctor and the doctor says, ‘You know, you’re really not feeding him enough food.’” — Photo: Dylan Dreyer and family (Instagram)

Just like many new moms, TODAY meteorologist Dylan Dreyer admits she was “scared to death” about breastfeeding. In an interview with People‘s Celeb Parents Get Real, Dreyer opened up about the initial struggles she experienced while breastfeeding her (now six-month-old son) Calvin.

“Full disclosure, I don’t have big boobs,” the mom quipped in the interview. “Even my doctor said to me, ‘you have small Tupperware, so I don’t know how much milk you’re going to produce for your baby.”

For the first three months, Dreyer said Calvin looked thin and svelte “like a nice, fit little baby.”

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“We go to the doctor and the doctor says, ‘You know, you’re really not feeding him enough food,’ — and I was exclusively breastfeeding. And he said, ‘he’s getting about half of what he should get in a typical day.'”

The news broke Dreyer’s heart.

“I cried when he said ‘you have to supplement with formula,” she said. “I felt like I let him down and my body couldn’t do what Calvin needed me to do. But now we’ve worked in formula, and I’m still breastfeeding him, for whatever benefit that’s worth to him, and I’m proud of myself.”

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When asked if she could redo one parenting moment, what it would be, the 35-year-old was reminded of one day when she was “really tired” and on edge. Calvin kept crying and Dreyer felt herself getting angry and frustrated, so she handed the baby to her husband.

“I said, ‘You need to take him because I’m in a bad place right now,” she admitted. “It just makes me feel so guilty for having to do that because I couldn’t handle it. But I handed him off to my husband and that’s why we’re a team, because I could hand him off to him.”

The mom suggests that her job at TODAY prepped her for early morning hours — waking up at 3 or 4 a.m. and functioning on very little sleep. But now it’s finding a balance between waking up for work, functioning on little sleep and then going home and having to entertain a baby.

“I feel like chaos is such an understatement (as far as being a mother), but I don’t care how miserable I am — i’m just tired and I just had an off day — but when I see Calvin’s smile, I want to do everything to keep that smile going. And I will entertain him any way I can.”

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