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Today's best sales: Get a Roomba for its lowest price ever, comfy capris and more

Also on our radar this week: Steep discounts on Apple AirPods, podiatrist-approved walking shoes and a gunk-busting grill brush.

Amazon Fire Tablet, iRobot Roomba Essential vacuum, walking shoes
Kick off your week by shopping sales on the Amazon Fire Tablet, a new iRobot vacuum and comfy walking shoes — and there's plenty more where that came from. (Amazon)

I love a clean home, so when I have an especially busy week, you can tell by just looking around my place. Clothes are piling up on the chair, dishes are sitting in the sink, makeup is strewn all over the bathroom counter and the bed's not made — but my floors are still clean. Why? I have a robot vacuum, and running it from an app on my phone is the least I can do. My bot (I call it Clean Elizabeth) can vacuum when I'm not even home! If you dream of such ease, this iRobot Roomba Vac is on sale for $180, its lowest price ever. While you run it, you can slip on these comfy Hanes capris (on sale for $10), podiatrist-approved walking shoes (just $29!) and your new Apple AirPods (only $80!) and go for a walk outside. If you enjoy the fresh air, get this top-selling air purifier for half off with Yahoo's exclusive discount code, 50PUREAIRTCP, to keep your air inside as invigorating as it is outside. Check out these amazing deals and more below.

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Hate vacuuming? Get a robot to do it for you. The new Roomba Essential is on sale for its lowest price ever! Some highlights: It cleans in neat rows thanks to Smart Navigation features. (Think more precision, less bumper cars.) You'll get up to two hours of cleaning on a single charge, and if it isn't done when the charge runs out, it will pick up where it left off after some rest. And it can go just about anywhere: Use it on carpet, tile or hardwood floors. 

This little robovac has over 19,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. "Love the job this Roomba does," said one reviewer. "I was shocked at how much dust/debris it picked up in a room I thought was clean. Charging is easy, cleaning is relatively easy, and the machine is relatively quiet compared to a regular vacuum."

"Our floors are much cleaner now that we run this machine every few days," said another. "Because we have it, we are mindful of cords, cat toys and other items on the floor that could tangle it up, so its presence also kind of enforces a level of tidiness."

$189 at Amazon
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$190 at Wayfair$250 at Lowe's

If you love leggings but want something a little breezier (and just as comfy) for summer, these Hanes Capris may be for you. Ideal for lazy weekends or running around in comfort, the soft French terry fabric makes them lightweight and breathable. But it's the elastic waist that makes them extra cozy! More than 14,000 Amazon shoppers rave about them — right now, they're the retailer's No. 1 bestselling sweatpants.

"These are my new favorite casual pants!" gushed a five-star reviewer. "They are fantastic in every way … fit, comfort, flattering, length, waist, price. The fabric is not too thin or thick, it's a happy medium. As soon as I got my first pair, I immediately bought two more pairs and I will purchase them again."

$10 at Amazon

This grill brush, made of gunk-busting stainless steel, is unique in that it doesn't have bristles. And because it doesn't have bristles, you won't have to worry about any falling out and potentially finding their way into your food — something that happens more often than you'd think. Simply dip the brush in water and rub it over your hot grill. The steam created will help release any extra stubborn bits of charred food from the grates. 

"I have owned so many different grill bushes ... This is the best one I've ever owned and it works incredibly well," raved one shopper. "Even after dozens of uses, it shows no signs of wear or decomposing because it does not use steel wool or bristles. It is stainless steel wound wire that is abrasive on grates, and yet it doesn't load the brush with grease ... This will likely be the last grill brush you'll ever buy!"

$21 at Amazon

Nurses, podiatrists, and over 11,000 Amazon shoppers love these walking shoes. The sock-like kicks are made of a lightweight woven fabric that's stretchy enough to be slipped on and off without having to fiddle around with laces.

The cushioned construction has earned praise from a nurse who spends all day on their feet. They wrote: "I've purchased multiple pairs of these and wear them until they're worn out! I'm a nurse and I'm on my feet all day. These have great support and are very comfortable."

On the hunt for no-fuss, comfy shoes? Take a look at our list of best slip-on sneakers, according to podiatrists.

$26 at Amazon

This 4-in-1 medical-grade air purifier offers coverage for spaces up to 600 square feet. The manufacturer recommends replacing the HEPA filters every two to six months for the best results. Just note that the discount is only on the white color, and you'll need to apply Yahoo's exclusive discount code, 50PUREAIRTCP, at checkout.

"It's only been plugged in for 24 hours and I can tell a huge difference in my sinus and nasal cavities," shared one impressed user. "I have three cats and itchy allergies. Today I woke up and my eyes weren’t itchy and I could breathe out of both of my nostrils. Amazing! Not one sneeze from my sister or me. We didn't take any kind of antihistamines today, either."

Save $50 with code
$49 at Amazon

We're sure you're familiar with how fantastic AirPods are — but if you'd like a refresher, we're here to help. These top-selling earbuds have hundreds of thousands of perfect ratings, thanks to their clear, rich sound and convenient cord-free design. Plus, they're easy to use and connect to any of your other Apple devices. Whether you're looking to get a backup pair or are finally ready to invest in a set, nab them while they're at their lowest price ever.

One loyal fan said: "I've had these for four years now. I use them almost every day and they still work perfectly and sound great. Battery life isn't what it used to be but still lasts a long time. If mine ever die, I'll immediately buy another pair."

Check out our roundup of the best wireless earbuds for more. 

$80 at Amazon

The Amazon Fire HD 10 costs about a quarter of what you'd pay for the equivalent Apple iPad. This model — released only last year — is 25% faster than its previous version, weighs an ounce or so less and has a terrific camera for video calling. Even better, it's currently on sale for its lowest price since Black Friday. 

"For the price, you get great quality and the picture is so crisp and clear!" said one of the 6,500 five-star reviewers. "Audio is loud and good. The battery lasts all day long. Charger it comes with charges it up to full battery in like an hour! Only downside is there's no Google Play store, only an Amazon store, but it still has relevant useful apps I enjoy using like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Candy Crush, TikTok and more."

$140 at Amazon
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$140 at Kohl's$145 at Staples

If you're seeking a rustic fire pit for grilling up some grub, this top-rated model from Bali Outdoors is a solid pick. It has a food-friendly design with a removable, FDA-compliant alloy steel grill grate for firing up meats, veggies and more in your backyard. The grill also adjusts up and down, swings left or right and has handles at both ends. (Just make sure you wear oven mitts or protective gloves to adjust it when the flame is roaring.)

"This was fairly easy to assemble and gives off great heat, enough to keep six to seven of us warm with one bundle of wood from the grocery store," said one shopper. "I love the additional burner for grilling. We’ve cooked corn, burgers and steak on this thing, and so far so good."

Check out more of the best fire pits, according to experts.

$95 at Amazon
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$160 at Wayfair$184 at Lowe's

This knife set is durable, versatile and beloved by real chefs. It comes with a chef's knife, utility knife, paring knives, six steak knives, kitchen shears and a honing steel to keep them sharp. Plus, the wooden block serves as storage, and the knives are dishwasher-safe. It's no wonder this set is an Amazon No. 1 bestseller backed by 12,500 five-star reviews. 

"We cook a lot and these knives ... are like cutting through butter. I would highly recommend them," said one home chef.

"I've coveted my grandmother's Henckels knives ever since I learned how to cook properly and understood the value of quality steel. I was so pleased when I found these a lot more reasonably priced than expected given their reputation," shared a fan. "The knives are weighty, sharp and well-balanced, making them a pleasure to use."

$131 at Amazon
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$150 at Wayfair$150 at HSN

Hate lugging a heavy vacuum up and down your stairs? You won't have to with this cordless vac — the sleek design is a major upgrade from bulky dirt-busters of yore. It transforms into a handheld for cleaning furniture and higher surfaces, and a filtration system traps allergens such as pet dander. Score this household helper (one of Yahoo editors' picks for this year's best vacuums) for just $320 — a cool $100 off.

"I was unsure about spending so much money on a vacuum but oh my gosh. My house is clean!" said one pet parent. "I used to have to vacuum and use this rake/broom thing to remove dog hair. Not anymore! I appreciate that it picks up all the dog hair and I don't have to worry about the hair getting tangled on the vacuum head. Never did I think a vacuum would make me this happy!"

$300 at Walmart
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$280 at Amazon

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