Todd Frazier was completely fooled by Blue Jays hidden ball trick

New York Yankees veteran Todd Frazier was fooled by the oldest trick in the book on Friday. Or at least the oldest trick in the book of baseball, as Blue Jays second baseman Ryan Goins caught him offguard with a classic hidden ball trick.

Frazier led off the Yankees third inning with a double. He remained at second base when two batters later Jacoby Ellsbury hit a fly ball to right field. Jose Bautista made a nice running catch in the alley to save extra bases and prevent Frazier from advancing.

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That’s when a heads up Goins put his plan into motion. After taking the throw from Bautista, Goins noticed that Frazier had his back to him. He still went through the motion of throwing of the ball back to the pitcher Marco Estrada, then hung around the bag waiting for his opportunity.

The split-second Frazier stepped off the bag, Goins applied the tag.

Frazier made the mistake of trusting the opponent and basically walked right into it by taking his eye off the ball. He hid the ball from himself even better than the Blue Jays.

Granted, it’s rare that an opponent would pay that much attention to the runner’s actions. But to Goins credit he was right on top of it. The result was a truly rare successful hidden ball trick, and a moment Frazier won’t soon live down.

Ryan Goins waits to execute to the hidden ball trick on Todd Frazier. (MLB)

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