Toddler’s bathtub prank on his big brother backfires when karma strikes

This toddler’s bubble bath prank on his older brother comically backfired when he ended up covered in bubbles, and viewers are losing it over the adorable mishap in addition to the epic bubbles.

TikToker Bianca Simone (@smileybee1986) is a parent and content creator who often posts clips of fun family moments with her husband and two sons, Hudson and Ayden. Recently, Bianca shared an amusing video featuring some mischievous bathtime fun where her youngest son attempted to splash bubbles on his big brother, only to end up being the one covered in suds.

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The video opens with an audio effect stating, “How karma works,” over footage of Bianca’s two children playing in a lush bubble bath.

Hudson, Bianca’s youngest child, sits in the foamy bubble mass while holding a blue sponge. The toddler glances back and forth between the sponge and the abundance of bubbles with a mischievous expression as though he has something planned.

Having solidified his prank, Hudson wades through the suds toward his brother, Ayden. Hudson may be getting close, but Ayden can see his little brother’s trick from a mile away.

Hudson makes several attempts to splash bubbles on his brother. However, the toddler’s efforts backfire when he slips in the tub and ends up being the one completely submerged in bubbles.

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Upon seeing this karmic retribution, Ayden lets out a hearty cackle. Hudson, up to his ears in bubbles, starts giggling too. Then, all of a sudden, the boys’ grandma comes to the rescue and lifts Hudson out from the suds as the video comes to a close.

Bianca’s video had viewers in stitches, and many had questions about how to make their own bubble baths look as enticing.

“The laugh makes it even funnier,” one user mentioned regarding Ayden’s infectious giggle.

“Dude came back up with a full beard and receding hairline. Lmao, he’s adorable,” joked one TikToker.

“More importantly, what bubbles did you use?” one viewer asked to which Bianca replied that liquid soap and the water jets in the bathtub do the trick and make the bubbles extra foamy.

Whether you’re looking to prank your brother, grow a bubble beard, or simply relax after a long day, a bubble bath can serve a multitude of purposes!

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