Toddler does makeup to look like her dog: ‘She nailed it’

When your dog is your best friend, it only makes sense that you would want to “twin” with them.

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At least that was the case for 2-year-old Lelê from Brazil. In a viral Instagram video, the toddler was caught making a mess to look like her dog Francisco. The funny clip posted on the Good News Movement account has since received more than 2 million likes.

The video translated the conversation between Lelê and her mom from Portuguese to English.

The toddler was caught with a makeup compact, smearing the colors on her face.

Mom: Why are you wearing that makeup?

Lelê: Because I want to look like my dog Cântico. (Cântico is a nickname for the pet named Francisco.)

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The little girl painted her face white, her eyes dark like raccoon eyes with a black nose and black lips to match. And Lelê was actually quite the makeup artist. Fransisco had a white coat with black fur around his eyes, a black nose and black lips. As the video caption read, “She looks just like him.”

Nailed it!

“She nailed it!” a user commented.

“Good job little one,” another wrote.

“Hahaha that is funny, the dog’s expression also,” a person wrote.

“OMG, this is one of the cutest things EVER!,” someone added.

“Talented makeup artist,” a user added.

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Tinashe is calling the shots:

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