Tom Bergeron Tweeted an Epic Response to a Fan About Why He Left 'Dancing With the Stars'

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Last summer, Tom Bergeron said goodbye to Dancing With the Stars after 15 years of leading the ABC competition series. Although the former longtime host has moved on, some fans are still not over his sudden departure. But thankfully, Tom is reminding them not to dwell on the past with his signature sense of humor.

It all began when the 66-year-old TV personality retweeted an article (written by yours truly) on Friday about a cryptically captioned Instagram he posted last week. From what we can tell from said cryptic Instagram, the former America’s Funniest Home Videos host is busy working on a guest star role on a new sitcom with NBC. After repeatedly teasing folks on social media for months about a new project in the works, many couldn’t help but “flip out” when they saw a photo revealing more about his latest endeavor.

Upon seeing our story, Tom took the opportunity to do a play on words by quoting late comedian Garry Shandling, who starred in the ‘90s parody sitcom The Larry Sanders Show. “In the immortal words of Larry Sanders, ‘No flipping!’ 😉,” he tweeted.

Then, several of his Twitter followers stopped in to share their own thoughts. Needless to say, there were a few who are still missing Tom on Dancing With the Stars. Using another winky face emoji, Tom made a cheeky comment back about why he and fellow cohost Erin Andrews could no longer appear on the show.

“I’m still upset that you left Dancing but I’ll support you anyway I can!” a fan wrote to Tom. Hilariously, Tom replied, “Thanks, altho I had to leave. They changed the locks 😉.”

Meanwhile, others were excited to hear that Tom will return to their small screens in some way. “DWTS isn’t the same place without you and your interactions with everyone there. Looking forward to seeing you back on 📺. 🙂,” one person said. “I'd love to see it be more than just a guest spot on a sitcom. I'd love to see more. I'm glad you are getting into acting,” another added.

Tom and his longtime cohost Erin Andrews were let go from Dancing With the Stars ahead of season 29. ABC then replaced the duo with solo host Tyra Banks, who is also an executive producer on the series. With Tyra leading the series, Dancing With the Stars season 30 kicks off on September 20.

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