Tom Brady tweets out phone number to engage fans: 'If you do text me 'you suck,' yes, I'll see it'

Chris Cwik
·2 min read

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady wants to have more personal interactions with his fans. Brady posted a video on Twitter on Monday, in which he gave out a phone number fans can text if they want to send a message to Brady.

Brady did specify one rule for fans who want to send him a message: "No texting on gamedays." He also said he would see it you sent him a "you suck" message. Brady specifically called out New York Jets fans when he said it.

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So, there you go. That's Tom Brady's 100 percent real phone number, right? You might wonder why Brady would invite his 1.8 million Twitter followers to text and call him. That type of thing will probably guarantee his phone never stops ringing or vibrating.

OK, look, Brady likely didn't give out his actual number for that exact reason. He wouldn't be able to sleep if the public knew how to get in touch him. Either that, or he would destroy his phone within 24 hours. At least Brady has some experience in that area.

Did Tom Brady really give out his phone number?

This is more than likely part of a service called Community. A number of celebrities and athletes have utilized it in the past. We're going to guess that's the reason a bunch of famous people suddenly decided you deserve their cell phone numbers.

For those unaware, here's how it works: Community sets up a separate line for celebrities to check their fan messages. It's unclear whether Brady is using the service, but c'mon, he's not giving out his actual number. He's got to be using something.

Does this mean Brady won't actually see your messages? Not necessarily. There's a chance he'll check his messages and get back to you. There's also a chance he'll try to sell you his TB12 merchandise or inform you of public appearances once businesses allow them again.

More than likely, Brady will probably pay someone to do all this. The man has seven Super Bowl wins, he doesn't need to see thousands of texts telling him Eli Manning is better.

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