Tom Brady's first major offseason announcement: He's starting a production company

Tom Brady made a major announcement Monday, but not the one NFL fans were hoping. Brady is teaming up with the directors of “Avengers: Endgame” to launch a production company in California, according to Deadline.

The company — named 199 Productions — will develop original content, including documentaries, movies and television shows. Brady, 42, will be a part of many of those stories.

The biggest project currently on the docket for 199 Productions involves a collaboration with Joe and Anthony Russo, the directors of “Avengers: Endgame” and “Avengers: Infinity War.” They’ll work with Brady on a 3D documentary called “Unseen Football.” Deadline describes it as a “love letter” to football where Brady will walk viewers through some in-depth aspects of the game. The documentary will be directed by Gotham Chopra, who was the executive producer of “Tom Vs. Time,” an Emmy-winning documentary series about Brady’s life.

How will Tom Brady’s production company impact his NFL career?

Brady’s new production company shouldn’t impact his NFL career at all. While some may make a big deal out of Brady taking his talents to Hollywood, there’s no reason to think this means he’ll sign with a team in California. If Brady is merely on-air talent for the company, he could hypothetically do that anywhere. And if Brady needs to be in a certain city at a certain time, he can probably find a way to fit it into his schedule without interrupting his football schedule.

Why should NFL fans care about Tom Brady’s production company?

If you love all things Brady, 199 Productions — named after where Brady was selected in the 2000 NFL draft — sounds like it will be up your alley. It should have plenty of Brady-related content for fans to consume.

The company may also appeal to those to are obsessed with football. “Unseen Football” sounds like it will focus on the aspects of the game fans don’t usually get to see, including Brady breaking down plays. While programming will likely be broad enough to appeal to all fans, those who desire to learn about the most intimate details of the game might learn a thing or two from the company’s content.

When will Tom Brady make his free-agent decision?

If you were hoping to get more clarity on Brady’s free-agent decision, well, Brady’s production company isn’t going to shed light on that situation ... yet. It’s possible Brady’s eventual free-agent announcement will come in a video prepared by 199 Productions.

Perhaps this is Brady’s attempt at doing the NFL version of “The Decision.” Patriots fans hope that’s not the case.

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