Tom Cruise Recreates Classic 'Jerry Maguire' Scene

While overseas promoting The Mummy, Tom Cruise sat down with Alison King from British talk show This Morning, and King had an idea: recreate one of Cruise’s iconic movie scenes from Jerry Maguire, but with a modern twist — she changed “Show me the money” to “Show me the mummy.” Cruise, for his part, was more than happy to play along … once he understood what they were doing, that is.

Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire, 1996. (Photo: TriStar Pictures, Everett Collection)

King asked Cruise to put his hand to his ear like he was on the phone. Once she fed him his line, he knew exactly what to do. Cruise, of course, played the part of Jerry Maguire, and King played the part of Cuba Gooding Jr. — but unlike in the movie, it was Cruise who encouraged King to be more enthusiastic.

Cruise told King that if he was going to go all the way with it, she had to also. That ended up happening, with both yelling their parts, just like in the movie. OK, maybe not just like in the movie; only because of the fact they were yelling about a mummy instead of money.

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