'Tomb Raider' trailer: Alicia Vikander (and Destiny's Child) makes us forget all about Angelina Jolie's Lara Croft

Video-game movies have a notoriously spotty track record with both critics and audiences, and casting A-list stars in them has done little to alter that fact — as evidenced just a year or so ago with Michael Fassbender’s unloved Assassin’s Creed. Nonetheless, Hollywood refuses to give up on such projects, and thus we’ll soon have Fassbender’s wife, Oscar winner Alicia Vikander, stepping into the role first played on-screen by Angelina Jolie when Tomb Raider swings into theaters this March. And now, on the heels of first promo, Warner Bros. and MGM have delivered a new trailer featuring the acclaimed actress in action and spilling even more plot details.

Directed by Norwegian director Roar Uthaug (2015’s sturdy disaster film The Wave), Tomb Raider will follow Vikander’s Lara Croft into the “Devil’s Sea” and, eventually, to an island in search of her missing father (Dominic West). What she’ll discover, as the above video makes clear, is Walton Goggins and a secret organization known as Trinity that apparently is intent on carrying out some sort of global genocide. Consequently, she’ll have to get down to combat business, which will clearly involve braving deadly rapids, leaping off of storm-ravaged boats, and jumping across gigantic chasms — not to mention wielding a variety of weapons (including a bow and arrow) to take down her adversaries. All, of course, in her trademark outfit.

Tomb Raider’s latest trailer (set to a remixed version of Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor”) certainly gives away a lot of story, as well as snippets of what appear to be its signature set pieces, which suggest that the film, co-starring Daniel Wu and Kristin Scott Thomas, will be charting a far more rugged (and modern) course than its Jolie-headlined predecessors. Vikander seems more than up to the challenge of embodying her famous protagonist, but whether she can reverse the video-game movie curse won’t be definitively known for two more months.

Tomb Raider swings into theaters March 16.

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