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Tommy Lee vs. Brandon Lee

We never thought the rock star would win awards for parenting, but we were pretty shocked when he and his son Brandon came to blows in March. The fight was over Tommy’s ex and Brandon’s mama, Pamela Anderson — and maybe Tommy’s drinking — which led to son popping his pop. The cops were involved, and the drama spilled over to social media, thanks to the drummer himself posting a photo of his injuries online before deleting it. Brandon then used his social media to comment, Pam took to her website to weigh in, and Tommy, who is apparently considering a restraining order against his son, ended up quitting Twitter over the whole thing. May we recommend that if any peace talks are to take place, they don’t happen via smartphone? (Photos: Getty Images)

From Tommy Lee to Brad Pitt, stars who publicly fought with their kids

We bet there have been some epic fights in your family — maybe at Thanksgiving when your weird uncle brought up politics. (Why?) This type of battle royale isn’t fun for anyone, but it’s especially not when you’re famous and the whole sordid thing plays out in the press. With Tommy Lee in the news after his son Brandon punched him out, we look at stars who have publicly sparred with their offspring. — By Suzy Byrne, Raechal Shewfelt, and Taryn Ryder