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Rosie O’Donnell vs. Chelsea Alliegro

The comedian adopted Chelsea as a baby, but the teen years were rough — on both of them — and the kid was ready to fly the coop by 18. But it was a messy parting — Rosie filed a missing person report, and Chelsea was found in the company of an older man she had met on Tinder who had a drug rap sheet. (More specifically, she was hiding in the guy’s mother’s attic when authorities came knocking.) Despite briefly reconciling with Rosie, it has been a big hot mess ever since. The worst incident was when Chelsea, who secretly got married then announced a pregnancy in 2017, was paid by a tabloid to dish on Rosie’s brief marriage to Michelle Rounds after Rounds apparently committed suicide. Not pretty in any way, shape or form. (Photo: Getty Images)

From Tommy Lee to Brad Pitt, stars who publicly fought with their kids

We bet there have been some epic fights in your family — maybe at Thanksgiving when your weird uncle brought up politics. (Why?) This type of battle royale isn’t fun for anyone, but it’s especially not when you’re famous and the whole sordid thing plays out in the press. With Tommy Lee in the news after his son Brandon punched him out, we look at stars who have publicly sparred with their offspring. — By Suzy Byrne, Raechal Shewfelt, and Taryn Ryder