'Tonight Show' mocks Trump's slurred speech with spoof commercial

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the host caught a case of the giggles when he listened to Donald Trump‘s recent speech on Jerusalem. Trump spoke with an inordinate amount of slurred words, and some people thought that might be because his dentures were falling out. So, The Tonight Show put together a spoof commercial for a product that Trump could probably use.

The “commercial” began, “The makers of Poligrip and Polident are proud to introduce their newest product — Presi-Dent. The official denture adhesive worn by Donald Trump.”

Fallon didn’t announce any plans for this denture cream commercial to air on Fox, so if Trump does end up seeing it, it would be highly coinci-dental. The fake ad went on to encourage applying Presi-Dent very thoroughly in order to avoid the same problems Trump encountered. It ended with the tagline: “Presi-Dent: The best choicsh for your teesh.”

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Check out Fallon take aim at Trump administration with Bruce Springsteen Christmas carol:

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