Tori Roloff discusses 'easy' pregnancy with new maternity photos: 'Complete goddess'

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Tori Roloff is opening up about her
Tori Roloff is opening up about her "easy" pregnancy. (Image via Instagram/ToriRoloff)

Tori Roloff is opening up about her "easy" pregnancy.

The 30-year-old took to Instagram last week to share a stunning new maternity photo and a thoughtful caption reflecting on her pregnancy with her third child.

"This pregnancy has been so much more than I could have ever asked God for," she penned to her more than 1.5 million followers."I was so nervous this one would be difficult after my super difficult pregnancy with Lilah. But it’s been the opposite. It’s been actually quite easy (minus the tiredness)."

Roloff, who shares 4-year-old son Jackson and 2-year-old daughter Lilah with "Little People Big World" star Zach Roloff, admitted that she has struggled throughout her pregnancy with her diet since food is effecting her "much differently" than her previous pregnancies.

The photographer said that although she's felt "crummy," her recent maternity photos by Monique Serra helped her to feel like a "complete goddess."

"I love this babe so much and I’m so grateful for the ability to carry a healthy baby!" she continued. "I feel like my love for this body has been better this go around too because of everything we’ve been through. I still struggle some days with how I look, but then I see photos like this that make me feel like a complete goddess."

Roloff's post was met with supportive messages from fans and fellow moms who have had similar experiences.

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"This is so beautiful. And I feel the same way. My last pregnancy I felt like it was so much easier than my first ones," one person commented. "My delivery was also much easier, and I went drug-free and natural so I was expecting it to be much harder, but it really wasn’t. This is such a beautiful photo!"

"You look like a goddess," wrote another. "I’m also pregnant with our rainbow baby (5th miscarriage last April). Two days overdue now. I have an induction scheduled for Friday if this little guy doesn’t come on his own this week. I hope you have a happy and smooth remainder of your pregnancy and that sweet baby arrives in perfect time."

Roloff has been candid about her pregnancy after suffering a miscarriage last year, and has been open with her pregnancy fears.

"I feel like miscarriage truly steals your joy. This pregnancy, it’s been so difficult to get excited," she wrote to fans in December of last year. "However, we have seen baby multiple times and we’ve heard his/her heartbeat a ton. And it’s strong. I’m at the point that my husband makes fun of me for going to all the appointments because my OB teased that by the third most women skip out on them."

She explained that feeling the baby kick more frequently has helped put her mind at ease.

"I’m starting to feel the baby move pretty consistently and that has really helped me relax and enjoy these moments with our sweet babe!" she added.

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