Tottenham fans pee in cup, chuck it at rival West Ham fans

Hooliganism is, fortunately, largely a thing of the past in English soccer. Games are safe to attend, and while matchday atmospheres can get heated, much of the banter is cordially.

But if you thought that meant fans are above stupidity and vile behavior … well, think again. A couple of Tottenham fans who attended their team’s away match at London rival West Ham on Wednesday gave us a reminder of just how foolish that thought is.

There’s no need to say much more beyond the headline. Have a watch of the video, in which all genitalia is, thankfully, blurred out:

This … is not cordial. It’s not heated either. And it’s (probably) not hooliganism? At least not in the traditional sense. But it certainly is disgusting.

And because the idiotic fans filmed the stunt to get their 24 hours of viral fame, they’ll surely be identified, punished, and barred from Spurs games for the foreseeable future, if not forever.

Tottenham fans decided to capture their stupid stunt on video. (Screenshot: Twitter)

West Ham came back from two goals down in the second half to win the League Cup round of 16 match, 3-2.