Tourists forced to drive back 80 kilometres to clean their trash; Internet says 'well done'

Sulagna D
·2 min read

Two young tourists were forced to drive back from 80 kilometres in Karnataka to collect waste they threw in the open forest area.

This happened on the behest of the police after Kodagu Tourism Association's General Secretary posted the video of garbage on social media.

"I found their number on a bill inside the pizza box and called them, but they did not give a positive response," said Madetira Thimmaiah, General Secretary, Kodagu Tourism Association.

But after he posted a video of the garbage online and informed the police of the incident, various villagers also requested the police to look into the matter. Consequently, the travellers were made to go back around 80 km from Mysore to Kodagu to clean it.

The incident occurred on October 30.

"I posted the video of garbage on social media requesting the people of Kodagu to call them and ask them to collect the waste they threw irresponsibly. I also informed the Circle Inspector who also contacted them and asked to do the same," Thimmaiah said.

The internet hailed this move by the cops and tourism authorities.

(With inputs from ANI)