Trader Joe's Advent Calendars Are Officially Back and Only $1.29

There's something for everyone in this year's line-up!

<p>Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples

‘Tis the season for Trader Joe’s advent calendar collection to return to stores. As always, the grocery chain is rolling out a variety of winter wonderland options, and they cost just $1.29! So far, I’ve spotted seven different covers, and shoppers are hopeful that the store will continue releasing more whimsical, winter-themed designs, as it traditionally does (last year there were 10).

There’s a lot to love about Trader Joe’s annual advent calendars. First of all, you can’t beat the price. For $1.29, you have a fun activity to enjoy for the entire month of December. Then, there’s the quality chocolate inside each little door. A lot of advent calendars contain chocolate that tastes a bit stale or like cardboard. Each calendar contains 24 ready-to-be eaten chocolates hidden behind numbered doors. They're festive, seasonally shaped, and made with melt-in-your-mouth cocoa.

Finally, there’s the fun that comes with each different advent calendar. When you’re browsing through this year’s themes, be sure to check out the back of each to see different games, activities, and even baking guides. So far I’ve discovered crossword puzzles, songwriting activities, a holiday baking essentials chart, and adorable animals swinging from festive trees!

Trader Joe’s 2023 Advent Calendars for $1.29

<p>Trader Joe's</p>

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's Over the River & Through the Woods Advent Calendar

Adorned with a snowy countryside scene complete with a red pick-up truck with a Christmas tree in the back, this calendar features a holiday-themed crossword puzzle to entertain you while you eat your daily sweet treat.

Trader Joe's The T’Jays Advent Calendar

The Nutcracker rockstars on the front of this calendar invite you to draft your own lyrics on the back by filling in the blanks with your favorite Trader Joe's foods to write a tune.

Trader Joe's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Advent Calendar

True to its holiday baking theme, this calendar features a holiday baking essentials guide on the back, reminding you which ingredients to pick up from Trader Joe’s as you prepare for holiday baking.

Trader Joe's Your Neighborhood Store Advent Calendar

Trader Joe’s shoppers are heading to their local store location to stock up on holiday ingredients in the wintry weather on this calendar. On the back you'll find ways to say “Happy Holidays” in different languages.

Trader Joe's The Christmas Tree Farm Advent Calendar

On the back of this calendar, you’ll find a counting game in which you’ll count winter and holiday-themed objects, such as wreaths and snowmen.

Trader Joe's 24 Days ‘Til Christmas Advent Calendar

Adorable, yet mischievous sloths are swinging in celebration for the holiday season telling Santa “it’s a long story…” on the front of this calendar.

Trader Joe's Santa’s Reindeer Advent Calendar

A music loving reindeer holding a guitar graces the front of this calendar, while the back lists well-known guitar players. Perfect for the music-loving friends and families!

More Trader Joe's Advent Calendars

Trader Joe's Advent Calendar for Dogs ($7.49)

<p>Trader Joe's</p>

Trader Joe's

Don't worry dog parents—Trader Joe's has you covered with an Advent Calendar for Dogs filled with Salmon & Sweet Potato Dog Treats in lieu of chocolate. The treats are made from salmon raised without antibiotics, combined with sweet potato, and then smoked over natural hardwood.

Trader Joe's Advent Calendar for Cats ($7.49)

<p>Trader Joe's</p>

Trader Joe's

Cat lovers—TJ's has got you too! Show your fantastic feline some love this holiday season by counting down to Christmas with this Advent Calendar For Cats containing Salmon & Dried Seaweed Recipe Cat Treats. The treats are made from salmon raised without antibiotics combined with dried seaweed.

Trader Joe's 12 Days of Scented Candles ($29.99)

The store has released a 12-day advent calendar containing miniature tins of best-selling candles. Flavors include vanilla, lilac, eucalyptus, lavender, and more.

Trader Joe's 12 Days of Beauty ($19.99)

Trader Joe's also has a 12-day advent calendar full of customer favorite beauty products, including lavender bath salts, a hair mask, a yuzu bath fizzer, body butter, and daily sunscreen.

There’s quite literally something for everyone to enjoy with this season’s Trader Joe’s advent calendar collection, but they tend to sell out quickly, so get them while you can!

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