Want to travel and work around the world? Here's how one woman did it

[Photo: Facebook/Lizbeth Pal]

Lizbeth Pal is among the growing number of digital nomads, professionals who are turning their work-life into prolonged vacations.

Living and working in paradise isn’t a far-fetched fantasy anymore. With good WiFi and a useful craft, almost anyone can achieve a state of location-independence.

Pal, who writes the travel blog Runaway Strategist, has done just that. Recently returning home to Sydney, Australia, she spent six months travelling across South-East Asia and Israel, on a trip that almost entirely paid for itself.

Freelancing for clients in need of social media management and/or market strategy, the 26-year-old began her journey abroad.

The pre-planning

“To set myself up as a digital nomad I was often working 15 hour days — my 9 to 5, plus editorial freelancing for clients in the US and Europe. It meant early mornings and very late nights,” Pal said in an interview with Yahoo Canada. “My main goal was to find additional and consistent work online.” 

The freelance projects Pal acquired, by way of the job-matching site Upwork soon became her main source of remote income.

[Photo: Facebook/Lizbeth Pal]

“It wasn’t easy at first — but on Mondays when people were in their depressing offices, I was sitting by the infinity pool in perfect weather with a mojito and holiday boyfriend nearby. It was all bloody worth it,” she said.

Nomad Tips

Sign up to a communities like Nomad List, Hashtag Nomads or IntenationsWhether you’re a blogger, software developer, teacher or social media manager, it’s great to meet and keep in touch with people of similar lifestyles.

“At times, you’ll miss the office Friday drinks but you’ll be able to substitute them for many drinks, brunch, dinners or marathon runs with you’re new co-digital nomads,” says the Runaway Strategist.

[Photo: Instagram/Runaway Strategist]

Best and worst travel experiences by Lizbeth Pal


  • The feeling of buying your one way ticket!
  • Spontaneity. You never know who you will meet and how they will impact your travels and work life.
  • THE FOOD. You will absolutely fall in love with dishes from the exotic cultures you meet. Stories from its history, how they cook it, the unique flavours and the people behind the dish, your taste buds are in a for a real treat!


  • Dependency on WiFi (Philippines was probably the slowest). Make sure there’s reliable WIFI wherever you travel to. Deadlines don’t care about your internet connection!
  • Saying goodbye (for now) to the people and cities you’ve fallen in love with.
  • Visa fails. Always research visa requirements, or you may miss your flight, get stuck at an airport for 20 hours and re-book the flight with the money you allocated for food.

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