Travis Kelce Confirmed He's a Certified Swiftie While Dancing to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off"

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Travis Kelce isn't just Taylor Swift's boyfriend, he's also a certified Swiftie. 

On Friday, the football player was spotted in the stands at the World Series to watch the Texas Rangers face off against the Arizona Greenbacks, and at one point during the game, Swift's 2014 song "Shake It Off" began to blare through the packed stadium. Appearing on the big screen, Travis could be seen dancing to the track in his seat, putting his arms in the air and moving them from side to side, before holding up just one hand and shaking it back and forth.

Later that evening, Travis attended a post-game party at a bar in Arlington, Texas, and in a video recorded by a fan, the tight end filmed himself on his phone dancing and singing to another Taylor track, "Love Story." The NFL star began jumping up and down when the song came on, mouthing along to the lyrics in between taking sips from a bottle of champagne.



Kelce's latest show of support for Swift and her music came after the singer's re-release of her 1989 album. In the prologue, Taylor wrote a letter about what was going on in her life around the time the record first came out in 2014, revealing that she had recently "sworn off" dating due to the backlash she received for her amount of boyfriends.

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“I had become the target of slut shaming – the intensity and relentlessness of which would be criticized and called out if it happened today. The jokes about my amount of boyfriends. The trivialization of my songwriting as if it were a predatory act of a boy crazy psychopath. The media co-signing of this narrative. I had to make it stop because it was starting to really hurt,” she wrote, adding: "So I swore off hanging out with guys, dating, flirting, or anything that could be weaponized against me by a culture that claimed to believe in liberating women but consistently treated me with the harsh moral codes of the Victorian era.”  

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