Travis Kelce Implies It's Not Definite Taylor Swift Will Make It to the Super Bowl

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Travis Implies Taylor Might Not Attend Super BowlPatrick Smith - Getty Images

There's been a lot of speculation about whether or not Taylor Swift will be able to attend the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 11, considering she'll be in Tokyo the night before. But everyone did the math and while it does seem possible...that doesn't mean it's a sure thing.

Travis Kelce implied that Taylor isn't guaranteed to attend the game during a press conference yesterday, where the questions were he spent pretty much as much time answering Qs about his personal life as he did about football.

And when asked if Tay had given him a Super Bowl pep talk, Travis said "No, no she hasn't," before saying that Taylor's focused on her shows. "She's just working on entertaining them, making sure she's ready for her performances and everything," he said, adding "But the Super Bowl we'll worry about if she can make it."

It's pretty much the first question he's asked if you want to go ahead and analyze his vibes:

Anyway, when it comes to whether or not Taylor can attend, you've probably already done the math. But just in case:

The Super Bowl is on Sunday in Las Vegas, while Taylor is playing a show on Saturday in Tokyo. She then has an entire week off from her tour schedule before heading to Melbourne.

Flying from Tokyo to Las Vegas takes 14 hours (or more), but Tokyo is a full 16 hours ahead of Las Vegas. So, if Taylor's Saturday night show in Tokyo wraps up on Saturday morning in Vegas, she could feasibly hop onto a plane and arrive in Vegas by late Saturday night local time. Of course, that sounds exhausting and she'll have just played three back-to-back shows, so it's possible Taylor will want to keep things chill vs. making an extremely public appearance. TBD!

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