Trent Williams claims 'dogs doing what dogs do' after his reportedly killed neighbor's lab mix

Washington Redskins tackle Trent Williams is not popular right now in his Texas neighborhood. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya, File)

Trent Williams’ neighbors at his Texas home are upset and scared after they say one of his dogs attacked and killed theirs through a fence. Yet the Washington Redskins’ offensive tackle is dubbing it a “dogs doing what dogs do” situation and called it a non-story.

TV stations in Houston reported Thursday night that Sandy, a 3-year-old lab mix owned by Jerry and Linda Flowers, was mauled by a pit bull Mastiff owned by Williams in their Missouri City neighborhood.

Owners say dog ‘ripped apart’ pet

Fox 26 Houston’s Randy Wallace shared the tough-to-read details of the lab’s death as detailed by its owners, who insist their dog is the victim. Via Fox 26:

"I found my dog halfway ripped apart, head and one leg on the other side of the fence, two of those stakes ripped through the body and one leg just dangling," said Jerry Flowers.

"They drug her head through the fence," Linda Flowers said. "Half of her body was through the wrought iron fence."

Per Fox, Sandy was impaled by the fence, which is shown in the report to be a wrought-iron steel one, and the fire department had to remove her from it.

Williams says his dog was defending himself

Williams, who is on the injured reserve/non-football injury list after ending his holdout, told Fox 26 that Sandy was at fault and had bit one of his smaller dogs after getting through the fence. Then the other dogs attacked the Labrador.

It was "dogs doing what dogs do," Williams said, via Fox 26.

Williams shared the same details with ABC13, adding his dog is fighting for its life and has more than $5,000 in veterinary bills from the incident.

And a person “from Trent’s camp” went into more detail for TMZ early Friday. The person said Williams was adamant his dog was attacked first and acted in self-defense, adding that the veteran is not breeding dogs for fighting.

Via TMZ:

Williams says the neighbor's dog was attacking his daughter's tiny Basenji dog — a smaller, more fragile dog. At that point, a larger pit bull mastiff came over to assist the Basenji and in the process got a hold of Sandy — killing her.

Neighbors upset about dog kennels

In comments to both TV stations, neighbors are upset and fearful given how many dogs Williams has outside in a kennel in their residential neighborhood. He reportedly has nine pit bull mix breeds and one “smaller dog.” From Wallace at Fox 26:

When we asked Williams about it, he said he has the right to do this and that some of the dogs are worth $25,000 each. He also said that if I did my job diligently I would realize this is not a story.

Neighbors have also claimed the dogs roam the streets and an incident “will happen again,” ABC13 reports.

Williams said Missouri City Police and animal control did not take any action because they found no wrong doing, per Fox. Neither station could confirm that, instead receiving one-line statements from the entities that they are investigating. The Redskins had no comment, per ABC13.

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