I tried a $645 queen mattress so firm that it's called The Brick — here's what I thought

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Firm mattresses get a bad rep. It seems everyone is always on the hunt for plush, pillow top or sinkable memory foam mattress options. While those may feel like a lovely cushy cloud at first, eventually you might find yourself craving more support for your lower back and limbs.

That said, it’s time to embrace the firm mattress, and mattress brand Allswell is doing just that with its latest model called The Brick.

After first hearing the name, I knew I had to give this ultra-firm mattress a try. Marketing a mattress as a brick-like is — without a question — brave. No one wants to sleep on a brick. But as a 20-something with tech neck from too many hours on TikTok and a tight, oft-cracking back from hunching over a computer 24/7, a super-firm mattress is desirable as hell.

Allswell The Brick Mattress, $395-$845

Credit: Allswell
Credit: Allswell

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First off, is a firm mattress even good for you?

Not long ago, I came across the concept of floor sleeping. Yes, some people (and even doctors) say sleeping on the floor is better than sleeping on an overly cushy mattress, as it leads to “dynamic rest.” Basically, sleeping on firmer surfaces engages your muscles more than sinking into plush mattresses, leading to less pain and stress on the body. Many floor sleepers say sleeping on the firm surface even helps with back pain, sciatica and joint stiffness.

When you think about it, it makes sense. Sleeping on a bed (especially a super-cushioned one) is a relatively new practice in the history of humanity — and many people around the world still sleep on floors. Our bodies are accustomed to sleeping on firm surfaces.

What you need to know about Allswell’s The Brick mattress

Now, I’m not quite ready to sleep on a floor, but sleeping on an extra-firm mattress called The Brick seems like a pretty good compromise for my aches and pains.

Allwell’s The Brick contains individually-wrapped coils, which help to minimize motion transfer and enhance support. On top of the coils is a two-inch layer of high-density foam, providing even more added support. On top of that layer is a one-inch layer of comfy memory foam, which helps move heat away from the body for cooler sleep. And it’s all wrapped in a bow with a firm top layer for even more support.

My Allswell The Brick mattress review

I was able to test out the Brick for myself, which Allswell provided for review. I wondered if a mattress called The Brick could possibly be comfortable. And — man, oh man — it is.

Credit: Allswell
Credit: Allswell

This thing supports you like a lifelong best friend, holding your body instead of collapsing against its weight. Though it’s an ultra-firm mattress, it isn’t uncomfortable — not by a long shot. The Brick has the perfect amount of give for a cozy rest, but the support you need to wake up without morning aches and pains. My lower back, neck and shoulders love this dang mattress after a long day.

When sleeping on The Brick with my boyfriend (who calls it “the most comfortable mattress ever,” for what it’s worth), we can turn at night for individual comfort without waking each other up, thanks to the movement-absorbing coils. We’ve both noticed we sleep sounder on The Brick, and wake up just feeling better, too.The best part? We aren’t sacrificing comfort by switching to an ultra-firm mattress. Yes, The Brick is firm — and named after a literal clay and concrete block — but it is so comfortable because of its firmness, not in spite of it.

The queen-sized mattress I tested out is only $645, which is a stellar value in the mattress world. I’ve slept on mattresses twice the price without the same level of comfort or support. Plus, all Allswell mattresses come with free shipping right to your door in a compact box and a 100-night risk-free trial. But trust me, you won’t need that trial with The Brick.

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