Meet The Trikini, A Bikini That Comes With A Matching Face Mask

Jamie Feldman

It’s not the accessory we asked for, but it’s the accessory we got. All over the world, people are getting creative with their face masks, which have become essential tools in helping to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus

Now, as warmer weather hits and beaches begin to reopen, a new fashionable take on the mask is making a splash: The trikini.

Italian swimwear brand Elexia Beachwear first developed the product — a bikini that comes with a matching face mask — last month.

Designer Tiziana Scaramuzzo originally posed the idea as a joke to her family, the New York Post reported. Now, she’s being bombarded with order requests.

Shelter-in-place guidelines began to ease in Italy on Monday. Restaurants, beaches and stores reopened, including Scaramuzzo’s store. In a Facebook post, the brand shared its guidelines for entering the shop.

The bikinis range in price. The ones we saw on Instagram go for around 50-60 euros (or around $55-$65), and the masks cost an additional 10 euros each.

It’s yet another way that creativity has been born out of necessity ― and hey, if we’re going to have weird tan lines anyway, we might as well look cute and be safe while we get them.

Head to Elexia Beachwear’s Instagram to see more photos of the trikini. 

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