Triller’s Record-Breaking 450M Users: The Rise Amidst TikTok’s Uncertain Future

Social media disrupter Triller has made its presence known this past year, with the app gaining more than 450 million global users. This increase in users can be attributed to Triller’s unique value proposition, which allows creators to fully monetize their content. The app has emerged as a clear replacement for TikTok as uncertainty looms over the future of the Chinese-owned social media platform.

Triller gained global attention in 2020 when it became the highest-grossing digital PPV of all time with Tyson vs. Jones and when it became the only app to ever number one in 80 countries due to then-President Trump announcing an imminent ban on TikTok. Although the ban never materialized, the world had already decided that Triller was the go-to replacement app if a TikTok ban were to occur.

One of Triller’s unique features is its “open-garden” system, which allows creators to receive more than 70% of the money in the influencer ecosystem. This is in stark contrast to the “closed-garden” system used by social media networks such as TikTok, where less than 1% of the over 500 billion dollars spent annually in the creator economy goes to the creators, while the social media networks take 99% of the earnings. Triller’s proprietary AI toolset also ensures that creators can monetize their content fully on other social networks like Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitter, giving them greater control over their content and revenue.

Triller’s focus on giving creators more control and putting more money into their pockets while providing creators direct access to and control of their audiences has been attractive to many content creators. Almost every one of the world’s top 100 plus creators has already made the switch to Triller, and hundreds of the world’s biggest celebrities are active on the platform. Those influencers and creators using Triller’s brand tools are already making multiples of what they make on TikTok. More importantly, they are not just users; they are owners. The largest number of Triller’s shareholders are its creators, artists, and users, and their voices serve as the North Star that guides and influences Triller’s direction.

Triller’s solution for seamless content migration from TikTok to Triller via the domain shows the platform’s determination to lead the way in the new creator economy. The closed-garden system used by TikTok and other social media platforms will soon be a thing of the past as more creators and influencers move to open-garden systems like Triller.

AI has been at Triller’s core since its founding in 2019. Triller’s AI has been developed to identify and understand audience preferences and behaviors, making it easier for creators to produce, distribute and monetize content that resonates with their audience. Triller has developed proprietary AI tools that enable creators to monetize their content not only on Triller but also on most other social media apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Google, and YouTube.

As the US government highlights security concerns surrounding the Chinese-owned TikTok, Triller has positioned itself as the go-to replacement app. However, regardless of whether the TikTok ban takes place, Triller is disrupting social media and will likely be TikTok’s replacement as it offers everything TikTok has and more by way of monetization.

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