Troye Sivan’s brother clarifies sexuality after raiding ‘Rush’ singer’s closet in viral clip

Tyde Levi, Troye Sivan's brother
Tyde Levi, Troye Sivan's brother (Images: TikTok/tyde_levi)

Troye Sivan’s younger brother Tyde Levi has reflected on giving “bi vibes” after a video of him raiding the ‘Rush’ singer’s closet recently went viral.

In a clip generating engagement on X this week, the 24-year-old says: “Troye, I love you, but the best part about you going away is that I get your wardrobe,” before trying on one of the star’s outfits.

The video has led to social media users speculating about Tyde’s sexuality which the 24-year-old has humorously drawn attention to by posting: “This tweet going viral and everyone in the comments asking if i’m [painting nails emoji].”

RuPauls Drag Race star Tatiana was among those who responded to Tyde, who is also a musician, saying “well how about you answer.”

“I’m not bi” – Tyde Levi, Troye Sivan’s brother

Responding, Levi seemingly paid homage to the famous Charli XCX video in which the ‘brat’ singer says that she’s not bisexual despite giving “bi vibes”.

“I’m not bi – sorry if I let you down,” said Levi, echoing Charli.

The YouTuber, vlogger, and DJ elsewhere quoted social media users who asked “are you bi? It’s giving bi vibes.”

“I’m actually not bi,” he said. “But I’m really happy I’m giving you bi vibes. Because that would be cool. But, I’m not bi.”

(Charli, in her video, said: “It’d be cool if I was bi. But, um. Yeah. I’m not. But I feel like I let you down. I’m sorry!”)

He later added in a playful post: “Unfortunately you will learn on my album that i am in fact…… ——— …….(first single this Friday).”

Like Troye, Tyde is also a musician, with songs such as ‘AAA’ and ‘Goldchains’ racking up millions of streams on Spotify. In an X post today, he said his debut album is due tomorrow.

Troye – whose latest album Something To Give Each Other came out earlier this year, and who recently spoke to Attitude in Cannes about his new musical era – has a second brother, Steele, and a sister, Sage.

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