'True Detective: Night Country' Dredges Up the Past

jodie foster true detective night country
'True Detective: Night Country': What's a Dredge?HBO

Well, we're officially in "night country" now. True Detective: Night Country has been flirting with the supernatural for the past three episodes, but last night's entry makes a hard case that the Ennis residents' ghostly visions are very, very real. There were three (yes, three!) jump scares in episode 4. Naturally, the place to have these horrifying encounters is deep in the dark ice of Alaska—out on a frozen dredge.

If you're unfamiliar: A dredge is a little bit like a detective itself. Used in the beds of harbors or rivers, the large machines dig into the seabed to mine for minerals and other valuable resources. Dredges can also remove and change the direction of waterways to clear out a waterlogged area. At some point in the past, the fictional town of Ennis, Alaska must have had some dredges in operation—but the one we see in episode 4 froze a long time ago. Now, it's just a place for junkies and ghosts. It's also a great place to dredge up the past, if you catch my drift.

Though Liz Danvers (Jodie Foster) finds Otis Heiss—a missing person who is also a suspect in the case—Evangeline Navarro (Kali Reis) is stuck in the belly of the dredge, having some very abrasive visions of the dead. They're screaming at her, too, and rupturing her eardrums. Terrifying. Still, we had a character say the line, "We’re all in the night country now," which was more than satisfying enough to make up for the scary trip to the dredge. Next week, maybe we'll find out just what these visions are trying to tell us.

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