Trump's Goodbye Handshake with President Macron Was Basically a Deranged Tug-Of-War

Mehera Bonner
Photo credit: Getty

From Marie Claire

Look, at this point we all know President Donald Trump is physically incapable of shaking people's hands in anything resembling a normal fashion. It's a thing. A huge weird thing. But his goodbye handshake with French President Macron might be his most insane yet, and to be honest we use the word "handshake" loosely-because it was actually an extended tug-of-war that lasted for eons. Prepare to pause this and take a cringe-break, because that's how long this handshake lasts.

Like. Truly. TRULY WHAT IS THIS. What are we looking at? This. Is. Not. How. Normal. Humans. Shake. Hands.

But judging from the video below, there is nothing normal about Trump's understanding of handshakes anyway, so sigh:

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