Trump blasted on Morning Joe for plugging golf course during speech in South Korea: 'It's gross'

Both Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski blasted the president during "Morning Joe" on Wednesday over remarks he made during an official address in South Korea because he mentioned his golf course. 

Scarborough complained that the plug for the golf course was "garbage" and Brzezinski called it "gross." 

The president, while praising South Koreans for excellent golf skills, mentioned Park Sung-hyun’s victory at the U.S. Women’s Open -- held at his course in Bedminster, New Jersey -- during his speech to the National Assembly in Seoul. 

"Republicans, myself included, criticized the Clintons for turning public service into a money-making machine after Bill Clinton left the White House. Donald Trump is doing it now. It is unbecoming. That’s the sort of garbage that makes moderate voters, Republicans, go, ‘you know what, I’m going to stand in line for a very long time. I’m going to send that guy a message,'" Scarborough said. 

"The word is gross," Brzezinski added.

Both Scarborough and Brzezinski, who were at one point considered to be relatively close with Trump, have become two of his most vocal opponents since his election, often criticizing his rhetoric and reaction to major developments. 

The speech to the National Assembly also featured some of the president's harshest remarks amid escalating tensions with North Korea. 

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It came after he attempted to make an unannounced trip to the DMZ on the border between North and South Korea, that had to be called off due to fog.