Trump rips 2020 Democrat candidates, reveals which one he's 'rooting for'

On Thursday night, Donald Trump called into Hannity for a marathon interview, at the end of which Sean Hannity asked Trump to give his thoughts on some of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates in a lightning round of sorts. Throughout the interview, Trump went off on wide-ranging tangents, so for this Hannity asked Trump to keep his answers to one or two words. While Trump didn’t adhere to one or two word answers, he was much more concise.

First up was Joe Biden, who had just officially announced his candidacy earlier in the day. Trump doubled down on a tweet he posted soon after the announcement in which he called Biden “Sleepy Joe.”

“Well I think we’re calling him “Sleepy Joe” ‘cause I’ve known him for awhile and he’s a pretty sleepy guy,” Trump said. “He’s not gonna be able to deal with President Xi. I will tell you that’s a different level of energy and, frankly, intelligence.”

Bernie Sanders on the other hand, according to Trump, has a very different problem than Biden. “He’s got a lot of energy but he’s got misguided energy,” Trump said, “and he’s done very poorly in terms of the Senate. He’s had very little legislation. I think he talks a lot and doesn’t get it done.”

Next up in the lighting round was Beto O’Rourke, who shot to prominence when he nearly won Ted Cruz’s senate seat in the 2018 midterms in a historically close race. But Trump doesn’t seem to be taking O’Rourke’s newfound popularity too seriously.

“Well, it’s a fluke,” Trump said of O’Rourke. Then, after taking at least partial credit for Cruz’s 2018 win, Trump said of O’Rourke, “He’s fading very fast. I think he’s fading very, very fast. It looks like he’s gonna be a thing of the past pretty soon.”

Trump finished his assessment by revealing who he’s rooting for in the Democratic primary: Pete Buttigieg. But Trump didn’t exactly have words of encouragement.

“Mayor Pete is not gonna make it,” Trump said. “I would hope he would. I hope, I’m rooting for him, but he’s not gonna make it.”

Hannity airs weeknights at 9 p.m. on Fox News Channel.

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