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TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / April 1, 2022 / In the world we live in today, the globe practically spins on the axle of the internet. In the age of global connectivity, a stable internet connection made possible by top-of-the-line networking equipment and solutions is a must for every telecom and ISP company alike. It's practically a basic right.

That said, it's not uncommon to suffer from shoddy connectivity. This may be because of faulty equipment, sub-optimal product placement, or just human error. Whatever difficulties with internet equipment are commonplace nowadays, the solution is simple: connect with a company that supplies wired/wireless equipment and solutions at effective prices while providing optimum customer service with a personal touch.

JRS Global Networks Inc. is an authorized distributor of high-quality wired and wireless networking systems including routers, modems, switches, and much more. The company is a globally trusted supplier of some of the most well-recognized networking brands. They boast a wide selection of networking equipment for their clients to choose from, such as Mikrotik, Cambium, and Mimosa by Airspan, among others.

Apart from the multiple products and solutions that they offer, JRS Global Networks Inc. places a premium on customer satisfaction. To that end, they also provide equipment pre-configuration, fast delivery in real-time, and training services for their customers' technical staff to ensure a seamless process with excellent results.

The company was originally founded in 2008 as JRS Global Networks Pvt. Ltd., a New Delhi, India-based organization. Since its founding, JRS Global Networks Inc. has grown to become a multinational corporation with a presence in countries like India, Nepal, Canada, and a product exporting relationship with telecom giant Airtel Africa. Furthermore, the company's rapid expansion shows no signs of slowing, with plans in place to penetrate the US market in the near future.

JRS Global has been providing its clients with effective wireless networking solutions, including all aspects of network design and deployment, RF planning, and frequency coordination, for the last 15 years. As a result of their stand-out service, they've been invited to participate in a number of high-profile exhibitions and conferences, such as the 2019 Mikrotik User Meeting held on 24th of September 2019 in Canada, just a few days after their company's formation as JRS Global Networks Inc. A worthy accomplishment for any company in the WISP industry, and a testament to JRS Global's stellar progress since its inception.

The company's goal, in the long run, is to "cater not only to Telecom giants and bigger Broadband projects in Canada including Government supported ones." Ravinder Pal Singh from JRS Global explained to us. "Our main competitors are now way too busy meeting sales targets that they have very little time or focus on the technical problems that a client may be facing. That is where we step in with our personal technical support and customer service. Price and delivery timelines are the key factors of success in our Industry. Apart from that, Having age-old relationships with the OEMs, successfully leading million-dollar sales effortlessly per annum in India, we have the added advantage of their support when it comes to procurement of material and offering competitive prices." He concluded. Certainly, the attention to detail, established reputation and relationships with industry giants, and the personal touch added by the experts at JRS Global is what distinguishes them from their competition in the WISP industry.

It's probably due in large part to their sensational services that leading global software and hardware provider, Mimosa by Airspan, has recently chosen to extend its distribution deal with JRS Global Networks Inc., having already enjoyed a strong partnership since 2019. The official advertisement from Mimosa read "Mimosa has full trust in JRS Global's abilities to deliver our solutions and support customers in the Canadian market." The partnership between the two companies ought to be taken as proof of JRS Global's top-tier services, products, and solutions. Furthermore, it underlines JRS Global's long-term goal of extending the reach of its network systems services, and helping companies across the globe obtain the best equipment and solutions for their connectivity needs for decades more.

Obtaining high-end network systems for the right price doesn't have to be a struggle. You simply need to approach a trusted global provider with well over a decade of service under its belt. Consider reaching out to the networking experts at JRS Global Networks Inc., and get set up with the best-of-the-best in networking products and solutions.

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JRS Global Networks Inc.

SOURCE: JRS Global Networks Inc.

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