Tucker Carlson calls out Trump attorney for failing to provide evidence of voter fraud

On Tucker Carlson Tonight Thursday, Carlson called out one of President Trump’s attorney’s fighting to overturn the election, Sidney Powell. Since the election, Powell has repeatedly made baseless claims that voting machines were rigged in favor of Joe Biden. In fact, Powell has said Trump actually won by millions of votes. But despite claiming to have evidence proving as much, she’s never been able to provide any. Carlson said he’s made numerous attempts to get her on the show to provide evidence backing up her claims, but to no avail. According to Carlson, after they kept pressing her to appear, Powell got angry and told them not to contact her anymore. Carlson also said that his show has reached out to people in positions of authority within the Trump campaign who also said Powell has yet to provide them with any evidence proving her claims of rigged voting machines to be true.