Tucker Carlson slams Dr. Jill Biden’s dissertation, calls her 'borderline illiterate'

Following his Monday attack on future First Lady Dr. Jill Biden in which he compared her to Dr. Pepper, on Wednesday, Tucker Carlson continued mocking Dr. Biden for using the title of doctor. Dr. Biden has a bachelor’s degree, two master’s degrees and a doctorate from the University of Delaware, and with his latest batch of insults, Carlson didn’t just go after Dr. Biden, but also the dissertation that earned her that doctorate.

“We actually read her dissertation this week, the very document that made her, quote, a doctor. And what did we discover when we did that? We’re gonna give it to you in a diagnosis,” Carlson said. “Dr. Jill needs reading glasses. Either that or she’s borderline illiterate. There are typos everywhere, including in the first graph of the introduction. Dr. Jill can’t write. She can’t really think clearly either.”

Not long after, on CNN, Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon joined the prominent figures, like Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and former First Lady Michelle Obama, to come to Dr. Biden’s defense.