Tucker Carlson's Heartless Solution For The Homeless Enrages Twitter

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Tucker Carlson suggested Tuesday that social services for the homeless encourage homelessness and destroy nuclear families. But that wasn’t the worst of his rant. (Watch the video below.)

The Fox News host told policy makers to simply banish the homeless.

“You are a drug addict,” he said. “Get a job or leave.”

“Pull up your pants and get the hell out of here. Go somewhere with lower standards,” Carlson said. “Head for a place where politicians don’t care about their people, because we do care and that’s why we’re hauling your tent to a landfill and cutting off your checks today.”

Carlson took aim at cities for funding homeless outreach, including overdose prevention centers in New York. “Which in fact means helping the homeless get high,” he snapped.

Critics on Twitter (see the tweets below) ripped Carlson’s cold-blooded commentary. One called his attack on the homeless “so extreme and dangerous.” Another wrote that his “war on the homeless” was one of the “ugliest crusades I’ve seen on TV.” Others chided Carlson for overlooking that 40% of the men on the street are veterans.

Additional data collected by PolicyAdvice might remind Carlson that these people are human beings: 20% are kids ― 42% of whom identify as LGBTQ — and 39.8% are Black. About 25% have mental health issues. In one of the most telling stats, homeless people have an average life expectancy of 50 years.

“Tucker Carlson is against homeless people having housing,” one Twitter user wrote.

H/T Media Matters

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