Tulane partners with local brewery to create school-themed beer

Tulane players are excited for the new Green Wave beer. Or maybe it was the win over ULL in 2016. (Getty)

Given the choice, would you drink a Texas-branded Corona or a microbrew in partnership with Tulane?

On Wednesday, Texas announced a partnership with Corona that established the beer as the official beer sponsor of the school’s athletic department.

On Thursday, Tulane made its own beer announcement with NOLA Brewing Company for Green Wave Beer. There’s no mention in the release that the beer will be green, which is a damn shame.

Green Wave Beer is a filtered version of the more common Heffeweizen, a dry, wheat beer with a little hop bitterness that features unique banana and clove with no fruit added.

“Green Wave Beer was designed with Tulane fans in mind,” said Kirk Coco, Chief Executive Officer at NOLA Brewing.” Our goal is for alumni to be able to have a go-to beer to enjoy while tailgating and cheering on their favorite Tulane teams.”

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Corona isn’t a bad beer — you can do better, but you can also do worse, especially on a hot afternoon — but we’re going to have to choose the Green Wave Beer if we’re having to pick one of the two to drink at a football game.

The Green Wave Beer also gets points because it doesn’t have a slogan like “Horns up, limes in.” Yes, that’s the official slogan of Texas’ sponsorship.

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