TWICE's Momo Posed Covered in Tattoos on Instagram & We're Obsessed — See Photos

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TWICE's Momo is famously afraid of needles, but she just debuted a whole bunch of new tattoos on Instagram — and fans are obsessed.

Momo showed off the ink in a new photo dump from a trip to Thailand. In the pics, she's wearing a red tube top, black miniskirt, and oversized black leather dinosaur-shaped bag and sporting a handful of tattoos all over her arms and back. The delicate tattoos are subtle and detailed, as though they've been painstakingly drawn with the teeniest tattoo needles.

Throughout Momo's slides, we can see a small butterfly on her back near her shoulder, a heart near her elbow, a flower on her collarbone, and more flowers on her arm. The tiny tattoos are scattered around her torso and not in a sleeve, and the botanical illustration style makes them look soft and romantic.

The question on everyone's mind right now is: “Momo of TWICE with tattoos?! Are they real?!” Well, we're pretty they are just temporary tattoos, but regardless, they look gorgeous on the TWICE member.

Real or faux, Momo has been having a blast with her tattoos for a few months now, which many believe could be a future spoiler. When TWICE was touring Europe back in 2023, Momo was spotted with a similar butterfly design (but not quite the same) mid-concert. She even immortalized it with a post on her Instagram, where she also rocked a dainty rose on her wrist and a band made of bows around her arm, though they are all long gone by now and replaced by other equally dainty designs.

Now and then, fans are loving the body art on Momo and even hoping that she could make them a permanent addition to her style if, you know, she wasn't terrified of needles. “I WANNA TATTOO THIS ON MY FOREHEAD,” wrote a fan in the comment section of her post. “Pls make the tattoos real now mother,” added another. “Definition of mother is mothering,” commented another fan. So far, Momo has yet to acknowledge the comments, but it's fun to see one of our faves experimenting with a new look, even if it's not going to stick around forever!

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