Twitter calls out racism on 'Big Brother' season premiere

Night two of the Big Brotherseason 21 premiere aired Wednesday night and caused a lot of negative social media buzz, when contestant David Alexander was banished from the house before the first Head of Household competition even took place.

The first ever Big Brothercamp director, named Jackson Michie, had to choose four contestants to banish from the house and, while Michie seemed to have his own competition-related reasons for picking Cliff Hogg III, Kemi Fakunle, Jessica Milagros, and Alexander, Twitter had another opinion.

One person tweeted: "Jackson taking the two black houseguests, the plus sized Latina woman and the old guy? LMAO who is shocked"

While another simply posted: "The old man and the minorities… groundbreaking."

In the diary room, Alexander told the audience, "The reason I wanted to win, the reason I wanted to compete and be on this show, I want to be the first, like, black person to win 'Big Brother.' I wanted to represent African American culture in a different light. I wanted to show that. I wanted to show it."

Alexander's confession had Twitter even more upset about his too-soon eviction, like this person who tweeted: "David being upset because he wanted to represent his culture I’m so pissed off man f*ck CBS for doing that to him and robbing us of that."

Another person wrote: "David’s eviction shows the importance of REAL diversity and variety. One black male houseguest is not enough. Especially when I can count a few repeat types of white houseguests."

Fortunately, this may not be the last time we see Alexander, as host Julie Chen-Moonvestold him that he's only out of the house "for now."