Twitter can't get enough of Oprah's thickalicious lookalike

(Image via Instagram/Getty)

Twitter is notorious for uncovering hilarious celebrity doppelgangers. The latest discovery? A Detroit-based model, Cheyenne Laneé, whose striking resemblance to talk show billionaire, Oprah Winfrey, has the internet seriously shook.

Laneé came to light after sharing a pair of sizzling promotional shots for her upcoming podcast, Views From the Thick. Alongside tons of likes, she earned the nickname “Oprah Thickfrey.

Image via Instagram/@caramelapple_chey

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Image via Instagram/@caramelapple_chey

The young woman’s rise to cyber-stardom was launched by onlooker @YourFavoriteZoe whose theory gave the Laneé a second identity.

Playing coy at first, she denied seeing any similarities between herself and the TV Star: “At first, I was like ‘Omg! What are you all looking at?” Laneé said in an interview with Buzzfeed.

“However, the more I analyzed the picture, the more I started to see the resemblance. I believe it’s my eyes and my cheekbones, honestly.”

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Laneé has decided to own it, calling herself “Motor City Oprah” online, paying homage to her home city while squashing any stripper speculation.

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