Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey criticized for eating Chick-fil-A during Pride Month

A fast food meal has kicked off a Pride Month controversy.

Jack Dorsey in 2016. (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

On Saturday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted about using his new Cash app to pay for his meal at Chick-fil-A. It was the kind of tweet that could be easily ignored — if, perhaps, it didn’t happen to be Pride Month, and if Chick-fil-A’s own CEO wasn’t known for his opposition to gay marriage.

The fast food chain came under scrutiny in 2012 after CEO Dan T. Cathy — who’s also son of its late founder — expressed his disapproval of same-sex marriage. Chick-fil-A’s financial donations to politically conservative organizations opposed to LGBTQ rights also sparked calls for a boycott.

Though Chick-fil-A — whose Christian values include closing on Sundays — has since tried to avoid affiliating itself with political causes, some saw Dorsey’s dining experience as a problematic endorsement, Fox News reports.

Chick fil-A has previously been linked to anti-LGBTQ views. (Photo: Diane Macdonald/Getty Images)

Dorsey’s meal caught the attention of critics like journalist Soledad O’Brien, who pointed out the issue with supporting a company associated with anti-LGBTQ views during Pride Month. Dorsey was quick to concede her point.

While many agreed with O’Brien’s view that Dorsey’s tweet could be seen as being in bad taste, the backlash rubbed some Christians and Chick-fil-A fans the wrong way. Dorsey’s meal — and his subsequent regret — has now fueled a flurry of tweets defending the chain and its values.

Is this, as one commenter argued, a lot of fuss over “just a chicken sandwich”? Or should high-profile figures be held accountable for their endorsements, down to the last waffle fry?

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