Twitter comes to the rescue of woman whose boyfriend said she had a 'beer gut'

Jessica Ankomah
<i>Image via Twitter/@babyyygucci</i>
Image via Twitter/@babyyygucci

A young woman who turned to Twitter for advice after her boyfriend said she was growing a “beer gut” has ditched the relationship thanks to overwhelming support on online.

Shelby Johnson tweeted screengrabs of a text conversation she had with her partner who said he was worried her “gut might stick out more than” his — despite her weighing just 120 lbs.

The woman from Portland, Ore. thought she might be “overreacting for feeling hurt” by the texts and wanted an outsider’s opinion.

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Amongst an outpour of support from complete strangers, thousands called for the Johnson to leave the “toxic” relationship — now Johnson says she’s “single and free.”

Attracting close to 40,000 likes and more than 5,000 comments on the original post, she followed up with another tweet explaining that she was the same weight as when she met her partner two months back.

She then shared a number of photos of herself from her teen years to now.

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Johnson thanked Twitter users who had reached out to her, saying: “The support I got is amazing. I really thought only my few twitter friends would reply!”

Adding a final twist to the tale, her ex-boyfriend has since realized that he’d be a bit foolish and apologized — but it was too little too late.

Nothing like a viral tweet to show you the error of you ways, eh?

Shelby for the win!

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