Twitter freaks out over shocking death on 'Scandal'

Attention all gladiators! Grab your red wine and popcorn because Scandal is back with the answer we've all been dying to know: is Quinn Perkins dead or alive??

The winter premiere opened with Rowan Pope sending a car, with a bloody body in the trunk, up in the flames before anonymously reporting the fire. In the next scene, David Rosen shared with the gladiators, "Metro PD got an anonymous 911 call last night. They discovered the body in a stolen car. The fire was still burning. CSU was only able to get a partial dental impression, but they did find blood and hair in the trunk with the remains. It's Quinn. Official cause of death is two gunshot wounds. One to the chest, one in the head."

As the group mourned Quinn's death, Charlie decided that, to say goodbye to Quinn, her ashes would be turned into ammunition, because "Quinn loved that story." And at Quinn's funeral, one-by-one, the gladiators took turns honoring Quinn by remember their favorite memory of her before firing off a round.

Olivia Pope, who struggled with writing a proper eulogy (*ahem* maybe because of the cloud of guilt above her), was at a loss for the perfect words. Eventually, through tears, she stated, "I tried to write something, something hopeful. Something that would help make sense of this, get some perspective on this loss. But there is no perspective. It doesn't make sense. There's no silver lining, no hope. No good comes from this. Quinn's death, is awful."

Now, it wouldn't be unlike Scandal to reveal in another episode that Quinn is still alive. However, considering there are only 10 episodes left, many users on Twitter were totally freaking out that Quinn's death might be real.

One user tweeted, "Quinn is not dead. Shonda, Stop. You better Stop." While other's wrote, "Flashbacks?? So my girl is really dead" and "Wait, now they're playing flashbacks.. This death for real"

Even actress Katie Lowes, who plays Quinn, tweeted, "Gladiators! Thank you for all these heartfelt tweets and for loving Quinn all these seasons. Means so much to me."