Twitter hates new ABC dating show, 'The Proposal'

Kylie Mar
Host & Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

ABC premiered its new dating show, The Proposal, on Monday to all-around negative feedback.

“This is not a game. Tonight, 10 lovely ladies will vie for a chance at love, and before the night is over, two people who have yet to meet will trust fate and leave here possibly engaged to be married,” said host Jesse Palmer. Meeting someone and becoming engaged in less than an hour? Sounds super-meaningful and not shallow at all.

Most people hated the show, with some pointing out how sexist and creepy it was when Palmer told the audience, “In a moment, they’ll get the chance to let Mike know who they really are. And because physical compatibility is a large part of falling in love, they’ll be doing it in their finest beachwear.” Viewers tweeted:

One person also made fun of Mike’s proposal speech to Monica, the woman he chose, tweeting:

Some thought the show was so bad that they couldn’t stop watching it.

While others thought it should just straight up go away.

As cringeworthy as the show was, it had a happy ending when Monica said yes to Mike’s proposal and the two awkwardly shared their first kiss. In front of everyone. With fake fireworks.

The Proposal airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC. Watch clips and full episodes of The Proposal for free on Yahoo View.

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