Twitter reacts to scary moment on 'Survivor' when contestant faints during challenge

There was a scary moment on Survivor Wednesday night when contestant Lauren O’Connell fainted during an immunity challenge. The challenge consisted of contestants standing on their toes in a wood frame a few feet off the ground while also keeping a wooden block wedged between their heads and the top of the frame.

Lauren was one of the last three remaining when she said to herself that she was starting to feel dizzy. Then Lauren’s eyes glossed over and she began to sway.

“I can’t see anything. I’m about to black out,” she said before her body went limp and she crashed to the ground.

Doctors immediately rushed to Lauren’s aid. Fans, meanwhile, rushed to Twitter.

Lauren eventually came to and her reaction to hearing that she fainted was classic. “Hey, Lauren. You just fainted,” one of the doctors said to her. Lauren simply responded, “Dammit.” Host Jeff Probst made his way over to check on her saying, “Lauren, I’m just checking. You’re good, right?” “Yeah, I’m just embarrassed,” Lauren answered.

Fans loved Lauren’s reaction.

In the end, Lauren was just upset she didn’t win the challenge. “It was really scary when I passed out,” Lauren said, “but I was even more pissed that I was on the ground because that means I didn’t win.”

Following the show, Lauren tweeted out her appreciation for all the support.

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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