2 Broncos teammates don't agree on coronavirus mask issue, and all NFL teams will deal with similar issues

You don’t need to be on the internet very long to understand that people disagree about the use and effectiveness of masks during the coronavirus pandemic. If you get any large group of people together, they’ll have different views on any topic.

And just because NFL players are on the same football team, it doesn’t make them different.

On all matters big and small, you’ll find disagreements in a locker room. That’s natural. Some are more serious topics than others. And it shouldn’t be a surprise that two Denver Broncos teammates don’t agree on how masks should be used for kids in the coronavirus pandemic, and had a discussion on Twitter about it.

It illustrates that as NFL players come together again, not everyone is going to agree on safety measures.

Denver Broncos defensive end Shelby Harris (96) had some views on masks during the coronavirus and kids using them. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

Broncos teammates disagree

Denver Broncos teammates Shelby Harris and Devontae Harris weren’t fighting. Especially in terms of most internet wars. It was a reasonable discussion, and maybe more about parenting than masks.

It’s a glimpse at the differences we’ll see, as captured by Zach Bye of 104.3 The Fan in Denver:

When NFL teams come together again, there will be safety measures. It won’t be like it always was. And if society at large can’t agree on stay-at-home orders and masks, we can’t expect a team of more than 50 players to all agree either.

Many complex issues with reopening

There are layers to the coronavirus story in sports that complicate matters such as playing in front of empty stadiums. There is a labor battle over economics in Major League Baseball. Players around sports have expressed skepticism about games returning and staying safe, while others seem ready to dive headfirst back into work.

There will be disagreements about how to go about reopening games and locker rooms and everything else that was taken for granted before. The Broncos’ disagreement wasn’t serious, but it shows that getting everyone on the same page won’t be easy.

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