These two Texas cities ranked among the cheapest weekend escapes in America

Summer is coming to an end and school is back in session, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time to take a break for a weekend getaway.

New research by travel information website Scott and Yanling took a look at budget-friendly cities for weekend getaways in America.

Analysts looked at the 50 most-populated cities in America to see how much hotels, transit, cinema tickets, alcoholic beverages and menu costs would be for two people. They used data from United States Census Bureau, travel website Kayak and cost of living websites Expatistan and Numbeo.

Two Texas cities made the top ten budget-friendly weekend getaways, and one is right in North Texans’ backyard.

El Paso was the tenth most budget-friendly getaway at an estimated total expense of $754, including hotels and food, for a couple.

Fort Worth ranked sixth with an estimated total weekend expense of $693.

Here are the top ten budget-friendly getaways in America.

10. El Paso: $754

9. Indianapolis: $732

8. Columbus, Ohio: $708

7. Tucson, Arizona: $697

6. Fort Worth: $693

5. Oklahoma City: $685

4. Memphis, Tennessee: $671

3. Fresno, California: $661

2. Tulsa, Oklahoma: $606

1. Wichita, Kansas: $519