Two Women To Give Birth Using Their Mothers' Wombs

In a mind-boggling new medical innovation, two women are set to give birth to babies they have carried in the same uterus they developed in.

One baby has already been born using a 'donated' womb (REX)
One baby has already been born using a 'donated' womb (REX)

The women's own mothers have donated their wombs to their daughters, to enable them to create, carry and give birth to their grandchildren.

The breakthrough comes just days after the first ever baby to be born using a donated womb was announced, by the same team in Sweden.

The baby, a boy called Vincent, was born via caesarean section weighing 3.9lbs at 31 weeks. The 36 year old mother received the womb from an unrelated family friend. She and her son are both now at home and doing well.

Consultant gynaecologist Dr Liza Johannesson of Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, where the work has been carried out, said these current pregnancies were developing well and the mothers were ‘really excited’ at seeing their babies.

She said: “It is really exciting to have your mother as a donor. It is a very nice gift to give to your daughter.”

Some women may be born without a uterus (womb), or others may need to have it removed via a hysterectomy due to illnesses such as cancer. As the foetus grows in the uterus, it is impossible for women without one to carry their own child.

The team hope that their breakthrough will enable medical teams around the world to give hope to childless women who now may one day be able to give birth to their own biological baby.

Speaking about Vincente, Dr Johannesson, who was pregnant at the same time as her patient, described Vincent’s birth as ‘breathtaking’.

She added: "It was like having your own child. It was the same feeling – no one could really believe it.

"I was more involved in that pregnancy than in my own!"

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