Tyler Posey admits he sent and received nudes on set of 'Teen Wolf': 'I was doing that quite a bit!' (Exclusive)

Jennifer Kline, AOL.com

The cast of "Teen Wolf" is used to professional on-screen nudity -- and star Tyler Posey readily admits that his iPhone camera has also seen its fair share of his bod. So was he snapping away on set?

"I guarantee I was on set for a couple of them," Posey told AOL at Nissin Cup Noodles' "Noods Before Dark" party. "If not all of them."

Earlier this year, a few NSFW selfies of Posey leaked online, but the easygoing star isn't one to easily embarrass, even though it's possible, he said, that others on set knew what he was up to.

"I was on that show for seven years!" Posey said, laughing. "I was 18 when the show started and now I'm 25, so I'm kind of growing out of the nudes stage. But I was definitely at a time where I was doing that quite a bit."

Tyler Posey enjoying Cup Noodles at the "Noods Before Dark" pre-party (Getty)

Posey stripped down for the upcoming season of "Teen Wolf" alongside co-star Shelly Hennig for a (literally and figuratively) steamy shower hookup scene.

"She and I have grown up on the show together and become really close," Posey said before describing the barely-there flesh-covered undergarments that he and Hennig both donned. "We were both going to be naked, so we were like, solidarity. We were both going to be going through it together."

One unexpected challenge for the show's makeup and post-production editing teams? Covering up Posey's slew of tattoos, which cover his arms and legs.

"Not on the butt, though," Posey clarified. "I never did spring break."

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