Tyra Banks: ‘I Am 20 Pounds Heavier Than When I Told the World to Kiss My Fat A**’

Tyra Banks‘s priorities have definitely changed since becoming a mom. In January, the supermodel and her boyfriend photographer, Erik Asla, welcomed their son, York, into the world in via a gestational surrogate. Though Tyra, 42, is busy trying to figure out how to balance her new role as a mom with her career, the one thing she’s not worried about is her weight.

“I want to be thick for my son,” she told The Insider With Yahoo while promoting her beauty line, Tyra Beauty. “I am 20 pounds heavier than when I told the world to kiss my fat a**.”

In 2006, Tyra delivered a moving speech on an episode of The Tyra Banks Show after tabloids criticized her beach body. She famously fired back, concluding her monologue by telling the trolls to “kiss her fat a**.” “The public has come accustomed to celebrities getting their bodies back really fast,” she noted while revealing that her past modeling deals contained clauses requiring that should she become pregnant while under contract, she had 90 days to shed the baby weight. “Actresses, singers, the world is looking at them and so they have these camps, these possies of people to help them get their bodies back. So the world is like, ‘Woah!’… and that’s not realistic.”

Check out the video to hear what Tyra had to say about aging gracefully, and tune in to The Insider With Yahoo on TV tonight for the latest in entertainment news.

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