Tyson Fury: Francis Ngannou ‘not going to last’ with all those muscles

Tyson Fury believes Francis Ngannou’s ripped physique will work to his detriment in their fight.

Fury will meet former UFC heavyweight champion Ngannou in a 10-round boxing match Oct. 28 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Although it’s a fully professional boxing match, Fury’s WBC heavyweight title won’t be on the line.

Ngannou boasts a chiseled body, whereas Fury has never carried too much muscle. But the undefeated boxer expects Ngannou’s muscle to negatively impact his cardio.

“He’s not going to last. His body is too good,” Fury said on “Sundae Conversation.” “I told you about these ripped bodies. … He’s got too many muscles, and he looks too good. When I felt him like this, and he was all hard as I was feeling him. He was hard, and I knew he’s not going to win because his body is too good.”

As for Fury, don’t expect him to hit the weight room to try and compete with Ngannou or any other built boxer’s physique.

“Nope, never,” Fury said. “That’s insulting isn’t it to say that? Get in shape. You know, a lot of these fighters, they want to be like bodybuilders and look ripped and that. I always rock the dad bod and, you know, the bald head, fat, white as anything, looked absolutely disgusting with my top off. And then when I knock out a good looking six-pack, it’s like, ‘What the f*ck, dude? What the f*ck just happened?'”

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Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie