Ukrainian truck driver died while waiting at blockaded Polish border

A Ukrainian truck driver died while waiting at the blockaded border crossing in Chelm, Poland
A Ukrainian truck driver died while waiting at the blockaded border crossing in Chelm, Poland

A Ukrainian driver died in his truck while waiting at the blockaded Dorohusk-Yagodyn crossing in Poland, Ukraine's Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Serhiy Derkach, reported on Nov. 11 on Facebook.

The incident happened in a parking lot near the crossing in the Polish city of Chełm.

The 54-year-old driver had arrived at the parking area on Nov. 11 and remained there to wait for the border crossing. The Polish prosecutor's office will determine the exact cause of death after examining all details. Presently, there is no indication that the death was due to unnatural causes.

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“Working closely with the consulate, we are keeping this situation under control,” the deputy minister said.

“We must maintain our resilience even in such difficult conditions.”

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Polish truckers have been on strike since Nov. 6 at three border crossings with Ukraine: Korczowa-Krakówiec, Hrebenne-Rava-Ruska, and Dorohusk-Yagodin.

Scheduled until Jan. 3, the strike is driven by several demands, including the return of permits to Ukrainian carriers, reinforcing international transport rules for foreign carriers under the CEMT, restricting company registrations in Poland to those with finances in the EU, implementing separate queues for EU-numbered cars and empty trucks, and access to the 'Shliakh' system.

Later, it was discovered that Polish truckers participating in the strike had previously worked in Russia and Belarus.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Communities and Territories Development and Infrastructure will hold a meeting on Nov. 13 at the border with Polish authorities and truckers to unblock the border crossings.

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