Um, No, Tom Ford Does Not Have Sweatpants Days

Tom Ford (Photo: Getty Images)

When you’re Tom Ford, director, perfumer, and clothier, choosing an outfit for a glitzy evening really isn’t that big a deal.

“It’s very easy if you are Tom Ford when you own your own menswear factory to open your closet and pull out a velvet jacket,” he tells Yahoo Style. “You just have to decide between green or red or blue or black. That sounds trite, but I just put on my own clothes!”

While it’s no surprise that the fashion mogul wears his own attire, Ford did let us in on one of his personal style secrets. “I always carry something red in my left pocket for good luck,” he explained, while swiftly pulling a scarlet pocket square from his suit jacket to demonstrate.

Not that he needed much luck on Thursday at one of the major events leading up to the Oscars next Sunday. You know you’ve made it in Hollywood when you earn the support of one of the biggest movie stars in the world — another dude named Tom.

“Tom Ford knows everything there is to know about fashion, so much so that gentlemen always take his advice. If Tom Ford tells you to wear something, wear it. If he tells you how to wear it, wear it the way he tells you to,” Tom Hanks told a crowd of supporters at Thursday night’s “An Unforgettable Evening,” an event benefitting the Women’s Cancer Research Fund (WCRF).

The Sully star, who attended the soiree alongside wife Rita Wilson, revealed that both he and his wife were wearing the designer’s label, “except for my glasses, which are Ray-Bans,” he quipped. Last September, he and Wilson attended Ford’s ultra-exclusive fashion show in New York.

While introducing Ford, who was honored with the Courage Award for his work helping to raise more than $70 million for breast cancer research, Hanks revealed that the award recipient was quick to share his thoughts on his getup. “Tom Ford asked me the most beautiful question about my ensemble: ‘Why the [expletive] are you wearing Ray-Bans?’” he said, as the audience laughed.

Tom Ford (Photo: Getty Images)

The designer turned filmmaker may have been snubbed this year for Nocturnal Animals, but he’s still looking forward to the Oscars. “I’m excited for Michael Shannon, who was in my film, who is nominated,” he says. “I think he did an amazing job. I’m so happy that he received a nomination, and I’ll be crossing my fingers for him.”

Ford has been in the spotlight lately for his work on the celebrated film but admitted to being a little unsure about taking the stage to accept the WCRF’s Courage Award.

“It’s a little strange because I’m being honored for courage. But the people who really deserve that award are the people who not only battle this disease, but who are at the forefront of research and are taking care of people who have the disease, fighting the disease,” he said. “I’m quite self-conscious about that, however, anything I can to help, I do.”

The style icon then got candid about the impact the disease has had on his own life, opening up about the cancer battle his husband and longtime partner, Richard Buckley, faced. The two are parents to son Jack, 4.

“I’ve been with the same person for 30 years. Three years into our relationship, he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Twenty-seven years later, he’s still here, alive and well because he had great treatment and terrific doctors. [It’s] an important disease to continue to fight,” he added.

Ford and his husband were inseparable throughout the evening and had a constant receiving line of guests at their table in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel ballroom. Attendees went home with a fragrance from his new Vert D’encens collection.

And of course, Buckley was impeccably styled, which we can only imagine comes with the territory of being Ford’s partner in crime for the past 30 years. “I said to Richard, ‘Two or three nights a week, we wear tuxedos,’” Ford told Yahoo Style. “It feels quite normal,” he noted, of constantly wearing a tux. We tried to prove that the designer was just like the rest of us by asking him whether he ever has “sweatpants” days on the couch. But Ford flashed us a look that sternly implied he wouldn’t be caught dead in sweatpants, before straightening his bow tie and making his way inside.

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